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HR Consultancy based out of Hampshire, UK.

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

If you don’t have your own dedicated HR department and you know you should be thinking more strategically about your HR practices but don’t know where to start, you may benefit from a free HR health check to ensure you are legally compliant from an employment perspective.

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How we can support you.

HR Management Consultancy

The number of employment tribunals rose by 66% in the first quarter following the abolition of fees. This trend is likely to continue so it is vital for businesses to have good HR practices and policies in place to either avoid or mitigate litigation which is not just costly in fees but also in management time. 

Organisation Design

You need to have your business appropriately designed to deliver maximum impact in the short and long term.  We can serve as strategic advisor and scope out a change programme to achieve your objective while meeting your legal obligations and provide you with as much or little support in implementing it.


We provide mediation by managing the process by setting ground rules, clarifying issues, establishing an agenda and helping the parties to generate options that ultimately shape the terms of their agreement.


Our team can support your business to prepare to meet the legal requirements of the GDPR in a balanced approach by supporting your leadership team .


Specialising in organisational coaching, our qualified and experienced coaches help clients identify what motivates them to take action, enabling to come up with their own solutions.


Employment legislation relating to redundancies is complex and if not managed carefully can lead to Employment Tribunal claims resulting in fines, lost management time as well as damage to your business’s reputation.

Resource and Talent Planning


We can help

  • Identify skills gaps
  • Job Specifications
  • Market Rates

Advertising and Interviewing


  • Legal Support
  • Shortlisting
  • Limit legal risks

Job Offers and Post Offer Checks

All the 3 Weekdays

  • Satisfactory references
  • ‘Fit to Work’ support
  • Equality Act compliance

Onboarding and Induction

All the 5 Weekdays

  • Library access
  • Meeting Room
  • Lobby

Job Offers and Post Offer Checks

All the 3 Weekdays

  • Satisfactory references
  • ‘Fit to Work’ support
  • Equality Act compliance

Support for you


We work hard to continually develop our knowledge and expertise in employment legislation and HR best practices, so we can provide high quality services to clients so in turn they trust our advice and counsel.

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Based in Hampshire, UK

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