Human Resource Management

We can assist you in handling employee relation matters and also help you develop an employee relations framework underpinned by policy, procedures and practices to ensure that relationships between you and your employees are managed appropriately. 


Sickness absence
It is inevitable that there will be some sickness absence amongst your staff and absence can be a significant cost to your business.  If a member of staff is frequently and persistently absent from work, this can damage efficiency and productivity, and place an additional burden of work on colleagues. By implementing a Sickness Absence Policy and procedure, you can strike a reasonable balance between the pursuit of business needs and the welfare of your staff.

The National Average ratio for absence is 3%.  Our aim is to get below this with an Absence Management strategy tailored to your business.  We can help you design a plan of action that will:

  • Achieve and maintain a high level of attendance to ensure business continuity and      competitiveness;
  • Ensure that employees know the standards expected of them and can see that everyone is being treated fairly and consistently;
  • Give employees every opportunity and support to meet the required standards and to take all reasonable steps to facilitate this by:

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Managing Stress
When a member of staff notifies you that he/she is suffering from stress you need to take immediate action.  If you do not, you may be seen in a court of law as negligent and this could prove very costly. 

Stress is something that everyone will experience at various times in their lives.  It occurs when we perceive that we are experiencing levels of pressure that we find difficult to cope with (i.e. too much pressure).

A certain level of pressure, or challenge, is necessary to enable us to get the most out of life, but pressure should not be confused with stress.  Stress, mismanaged, can cause both mental and physical illness.

We can help you manage any stress cases efficiently and effectively as well as help you create a proactive approach to workplace stress.  Get in touch for further information us at

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity, Shared Parental and Ordinary Parental Leave
With the ever-changing landscape of employee’s entitlements to time off to care for their family,  we can help you establish the employee’s up-to-date statutory entitlement and support throughout the entire process.

Flexible Working Requests
All employees have the right to request flexible working and have their request properly and seriously considered. 

Flexible working offers many benefits to both the employer and the employee. It helps a Company to attract and retain high quality staff, reduces absence and increases morale and productivity. It can also result in cost-savings, greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Emergency time off for Dependants
The rules for time off to deal with unexpected or sudden events involving a dependent apply from day one of employment – and the employee does not have to be a parent to ask for such time off.  The only condition is that the time taken to deal with the incident/emergency involving a dependent is “reasonable”.  It is not an open-ended right to take unlimited time off.



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