Organisational Design

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”…Bruce Lee

You need to have your business appropriately designed to deliver maximum impact in the short and long term. We can serve as strategic advisor and scope out a change programme to achieve your objective while meeting your legal obligations and provide you with as much or little support in implementing it. Examples of re-organisations that we have a depth of experience in are:



There are times when you need to consider reviewing your current people structure to secure the future of your business. This may be due to a period of rapid growth or business products or services are changing due to other external factors such as technological advancement and automation. AMAYSHR can help you to assess your current people structure and help you explore how the structure can be adapted or changed to meet future business requirements. Our restructure management programme explores:

  • The people impacted by the proposed change
  • The legal position, risks and costs
  • Options and recommendations that support future business objectives
  • Consultation and implementation support
  • Documentation (letters, policies, etc.) and follow up support to embed the change


If there is one thing that is guaranteed in the current global market, it is change. To survive, businesses must adapt quickly to changes in the market place which often leads to changes in job roles, re-organisations, growth or redundancy programmes.

Employees react in different ways to change. Some thrive but many find uncertainty stressful and it may cause anxiety or resentment which can affect productivity.

AMAYSHR can work with you to identify the most effective way to communicate and get employees to ‘buy-in’ to the change. This is often done by coaching your leadership team to lead and support employees through the change as well as consulting with employees on what the change is, when it is planned for, how it impacts them and the benefits and the opportunity to give their input on the change. This ensures that employees are fully engaged in the change programme and the impact on productivity levels, morale and attrition rates are minimised.



Employment legislation relating to redundancies is complex and if not managed carefully can lead to Employment Tribunal claims resulting in fines, lost management time as well as damage to your business’s reputation. Whilst redundancy is always the last resort in any business, making staff redundant is a difficult and unpleasant part of a line manager’s responsibilities.

AMAYSHR can support you in identifying the right process that is legally robust, help you develop a redundancy programme and implement as much as you need help with, which could include briefing line managers in the process, supporting in consultation meetings, providing documentation and letters and calculating costs. 

AMAYSHR can also provide affected employees with outplacement support and recommend strategies to keep unaffected staff motivated during and after redundancies have been made.




TUPE protects employees’ terms and conditions when a business or undertaking, or part of one, is transferred to a new employer (the transferee). 

Needless to say, TUPE law is complicated and has a significant impact when a business is planning to merge or acquire another business. 

Whether you are transferring employees to another business or taking on the employees of a transferred business or service, it is critical to understand the Regulations and follow the necessary TUPE procedures to avoid employment tribunals. 

Part of the planning for TUPE must involve HR due diligence so that employee terms and conditions, pay, benefits and liabilities (e.g. any existing claims) are identified and analysed before the final decision is made. 

Communications and consultation with employees is vital to maintain productivity or service levels during the transition.


For more information on how we can support you manage a change in your organisation, by designing a project plan to cover all the critical elements to ensure a legally compliant and smooth transition whilst ensuring that employees are fully engaged, please contact us at



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