Performance and Reward

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.” – Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training Guru

To have a high performing workforce, it is essential to have a sound performance management framework in place that gives clear expectations of performance. 

Performance Appraisals

When introducing or updating an Appraisal performance management system, line managers need to be able to:

  • Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART) objectives;
  • Give regular constructive feedback;
  • Coach and mentor their teams to achieve their objectives;
  • Develop action plans with clear milestones;
  • Recognise and reward good performance and address poor performance in a timely manner

Appraisal reviews are a great tool for assessing the people capability of the business and focuses on the review of performance, development and potential of individuals. Appraisals review meetings with individuals provide a chance to take an overall view of how the job has evolved and whether the job description needs updating, to review what has been achieved during the year and to agree objectives for the next year. Appraisal meetings should be open where both parties exchange views and reach mutual agreed conclusion and action plans. It is good practice to appraise staff no less than once a year.

AMAYSHR can help develop and implement an appraisal system that suits your business and would include: 

  • Determining a performance management process and policy;
  • Identifying a suitable appraisal tool;
  • Designing and facilitating workshops for both line managers and employees to get ‘buy-in’
  • Aligning the appraisal review to a reward programme

We can also support in your talent management and succession planning to determine business deficiencies and build development plans to fill gaps.

Managing Poor Performance
Where someone’s ability to perform the work expected of them fails to meet the required standards, this becomes a capability issue. Where an employee has received all the necessary training but still cannot achieve satisfactory level of performance through no fault of his/her own (e.g. as a result of poor health) then the employee may be deemed incapable of performing their job role. Where someone fails to reach the required standard of performance through carelessness, negligence or lack of effort, this is a disciplinary issue (misconduct). 

We can support you in either scenario – whether a capability or disciplinary issue and help you with the best process to manage the situation efficiently and effectively.

Reward Programmes

AMAYSHR can help you develop a programme that rewards and recognises key employees capabilities, skills, behaviours and performance, ensuring that reward systems are market relevant, fair and cost effective, including job evaluation and pay and benefit benchmarking as well as the introduction and management of Company benefits.

We can also recommend interventions for a more holistic approach to pay and reward such as identifying other aspects of work that are valued by employees. This could be flexi-hours, working from home, the work environment, learning and development opportunities, opportunities to get involved in corporate social responsibility events, dress down Fridays etc. This approach does not cost much but attracts and retains the best talent, improves employee engagement, promotes the employer brand and drives overall performance levels. 

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