Professional Code of Conduct

Profesional Code of Conduct

AMAYSHR works to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Developmentā€™s code of professional conduct in the following areas:

Professional competence and behaviour

  • We maintain professional knowledge and competence through continuing professional development, to ensure we
    provide a professional, up-to-date and insightful service;
  • We seek appropriate support if business needs require involvement in new areas of activity;
  • We accept responsibility for our own professional actions and decisions;
  • We apply professional high standards of relevance, accuracy and timeliness in the information and advice we provide to stakeholders.

Ethical standards and integrity

  • We establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on confidence, trust and respect;
  • We exhibit and role model professional and personal integrity and honesty at all times;
  • We demonstrate and promote sensitivity for the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others;
  • We champion employment and business practices that promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion and
    support human rights and dignity;
  • We safeguard all confidential, commercially sensitive and personal data acquired as a result of business
    relationships and do not use it for personal advantage or the benefit or detriment of third parties.

Representative of the profession

  • We always act in a way which supports and upholds the reputation and values of the profession;
  • We uphold our responsibilities as professional people towards the wider community;
  • We comply with prevailing laws and not encourage, assist or collude with others who may be engaged in unlawful
    conduct, taking action as appropriate;
  • We exhibit personal leadership as a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct;
  • We are mindful of the distinction between acting in a personal and professional capacity.


  • We demonstrate and promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are operating within
    their sphere of influence;
  • We challenge others if they suspect unlawful or unethical conduct or behaviour, taking action as appropriate;
  • We ensure that our professional judgement is not compromised nor could be perceived as compromised because
    of bias, or the undue influence of others;
  • We promote appropriate people management and development practices to influence and enable the achievement
    of business objectives;
  • We ensure those working for us have the appropriate level of competence, supervision and support.



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